Author Martin Montague’s book The Reservation is published

Splendid Media Group (UK) Limited is delighted to announce the publication of author Martin Montague’s book The Reservation.

This astonishingly candid memoir reveals Martin Montague’s underclass life of his childhood and an extraordinary array of characters that he grew up with.

This coming of age book really paints a picture of countless scrapes and the often unbelievable situations they found themselves in as they grew up experimenting with pints of vile home-made gut wrench, spliffs and their longing to be part of the rave scene.

“The Reservation is a terrific read,” says Splendid Media Group’s Managing Director Steve Clark. “Martin’ Montague’s autobiography is gritty, moving, honest and ultimately uplifting.

“His story is about overcoming tough times, triumphing over adversity and showing that through determination and hard work lives can be turned round and success can come even through the hardest of early starts in life.”

The Reservation was the nickname coined by some of the local inhabitants of a sprawling council estate in the south of England, not because of the green space that surrounded it, but more the variety of human animals that were growing up there at the time.

Forget Shameless, in The Reservation fact is even funnier than fiction. Rave on…

Martin Montague is an entrepreneur. He owns a successful internet company and a range of other businesses and was a semi-finalist for Entrepreneur of the Year. He lives in Hampshire with his wife Kathryn.

The Reservation is available from or from all major book retailers.