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Press & PR

It needn't just be your competitors who get coverage in the papers, on television and radio or online - we can help do the same for you.

We can work as your virtual press office or as a seamless extension to your marketing department. We’ll advise you when something is likely to get media coverage and we’ll give you guidance on what you can do to make sure your business gains maximum publicity.

Press & Publicity

From press announcements to whole publicity campaigns we can get your message out there. We can work with you to put together a media campaign to help your organisation or business stay ahead of the rest.


When it comes to creating newsletters or magazines we can write the text, edit it and work with designers to bring it to life. We make it easy for you, leaving you to get on with growing your business.

Video & Images

Good images and video clips make your website or social media pages come alive and engage more people and good photographs for a brochure will give the edge over your competitors. We work with a range of talented and creative photographers and film-makers who will make you look good and provide you with the imagery you need to give your business a professional look – and it needn’t cost you the earth!

Website content & blog writing

We can create all forms of website content from simple text and photographs to video interviews with your staff and clients. We can create new content to go with your existing material or we can project manage a whole new new site.

Media Management

We can advise on dealing with the media and help to make sure that you set your agenda. And for when things don’t go right we have experience in crisis media management which is vital to minimise reputational damage.


We can talk to your customers on your behalf to create testimonials about your business which will help you to attract new customers.

Social Media

Social media is a great way to market your products and services, presenting an unrivalled opportunity to connect directly with your customers – but we know that keeping it all updated can be time consuming and can often slip down your to-do list.

We can take this weight off your shoulders by managing your company’s Facebook and Twitter social media accounts and keeping them updated regularly with clear and consistent messages that get you results.

Social media management

We manage and create content for a range of different brands and businesses.

Whether your business or organisation is new and established we can bring a freshness and vitality to its social media pages helping to increase engagement with your customers or clients and help attract new ones.


Social media training

Need help setting up or managing your existing social media networks? We can help to cut through the complexities of managing your social media and show you a range of time (and money) saving things you can do to increase you social media output – without spending hours doing it.


Our training courses will equip you with the skills to improve the media communications skills of you or your team - all with the aim of getting your message across more effectively.

In addition to our social media, media coverage and interview courses, we can arrange bespoke courses specially honed to your requirements.

Social media

If you’re baffled by social media or you or your colleagues are spending hours doing your organisation’s social media then this is the course for you! It’s designed to offer practical ways of maximising your business or organisation’s social media presence – without taking hours and hours. It will provide you with the skills and knowledge to get your message out there, effectively and speedily.

Making a splash

It needn’t just be your competitors who get coverage in the papers, on television and radio or online – we can help you to the same. Our practical course will give you the skills and confidence to come up with angles, write newsworthy press releases and deal with the media.


Being interviewed

Being interviewed doesn’t have to be anything to worry about – and our courses are designed to equip you with the ability to approach an interview with confidence and get your message across effectively.

We’ve worked with businessmen and businesswomen, actors, presenters and politicians to help them improve their communication skills.

We’ll help you become the sort of interviewee who gets invited back time and time again – and how to deal with the media when things go wrong.


Written a book or planning to write one? Then we can help. Publishing can be a minefield but we guide you through and turn your manuscript into a proper book and eBook.

It's all words, words, words!

Thinking or writing a book, written or want someone to help you to write one? We can help. We can advise on content and story development, offer a mentoring service or connect you with a ghostwriter.

Getting published

We can handle ever aspect of publishing and can turn a file on your computer into a proper printed book. Through our sister company Splendid Books Limited we have full worldwide distribution facilities for both printed and eBooks.

Getting noticed

Getting your book printed is only part of the story – it’s vital that people find out about your work. Publicity is key to selling books and we can help with boosting your social media presence, achieving publicity in newspapers, magazines, on radio and on television.

Consultancy & Brand Protection

We help to protect brands and intellectual property for a range of clients including television companies. We can monitor your business and brands and help you to ensure your intellectual property rights are being protected – and when they are infringed we can work with legal specialists to seek redress.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business protect and secure its assets and rights.

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